Project Documents

IB Community Project: Important Documents

Community Project Quick Reference

Community Project Guide

Tips for Successful Project

1) Read Guide
2) Start a shared Process Journal
3) Refer to Guide throughout the project
4) Understand purpose of project and four objectives of project
5) Follow specific instructions for each phase of the project
6) Proposal for Action - Follow Guide to create Proposal for Action
7) References / Bibliography - Document all resources and sources gathered and/or used in investigation (experts, print/electronic information, sources of data, interviews, etc.)
8) Academic Honesty Check-in Summaries Form - Summarize at least three meetings with Advisor. Team-mates and Advisor signs at end of project.

Process Journal (you create)

What is the Process Journal? (See Guide for description)

  • You've used journals throughout your academic career. Now it's your turn to do it without teachers guiding you.
  • Most successful teams create, record and share ideas, resources, project developments in a shared document easily accessible by everyone and advisor, IB coordinator (ie. shared Google.doc)
  • Here are some suggestions based on the experience of successful teams:
    • Keep one team Process Journal (see instructions in Guide)
    • Organize by color or person
      • Record work as a team in a specific color
      • Assign each person a different color or create a separate task list for each person
    • For example
      • Create a table or check-off to-do list of planned activities (black color)
      • Sally may be assigned green
      • Matt may be assigned red
        • as Sally completes the to-do list activities
          • she changes the activity to green and/or
          • checks it off and/or
          • enters her name and time spent on the activity
        • as Matt completes activities he does the same thing in red

PRESENTATION (you create)

Five Chances to Inspire Others

1) Advisory - Oral explanation to advisory

2) Student Led Conference - Oral explanation to family at Student Led Conferences

3) Gallery Walk Practice Presentation / Exhibition - Share with teachers and peers

  • 1 minute "elevator pitch"
  • mock-up of exhibition board

4) Open House/IB Student Showcase

  • 1 minute "elevator pitch" to community
  • exhibition board
  • optional creative component: hand-outs, technology (bring your own), performance, experience, etc.

5) Optional- Distinction Presentation

  • 10 minute presentation to panel
  • exhibition board
  • creative component: hand-outs, technology, performance, experience, lab, etc.
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