Phase 1 Reopening Access Information

  • PBMS Student Expectations

Onsite Attendance

Preparation before school:

  • Parents complete and submit the Opt-In form
  • All medicines and health orders must be up to date with the health office
  • All vaccines must be up to date
  • Bring your mask every day Fill out the “Daily Student Symptom Checklist” on paper or by phone before you leave the house. This includes a temperature check.
  • Make sure your computer is charged and you have headphones.
  • Make sure you have materials needed for classwork.
  • Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated. Drinking fountains are shut off, but water bottle filling stations are available.

Required Health and Safety Protocols:

  • All students must wear masks indoors and outdoors.
  • Social distancing required inside and outside classrooms.
  • Hand washing and/or sanitizing upon arrival to PBMS and as directed during the day.
  •  Follow traffic flow patterns established by the school.
  • Maximum capacities in restrooms.

Dress code and Phone Policies:

  • For this school year, you are expected but not required to be in PBMS uniform colors. However, you DO have to follow SDUSD dress code policies and dress appropriately for school. Please refer to your school planner, page 7, for details regarding the “San Diego Unified School District Standard Dress Code.
  • You may bring a phone to school, and use it for your health pass check in. When you proceed to your 1st period class it should be turned off and put away until dismissal.


Arrival in the morning:

  • Enter the gate by ……. And go to your 1st  Period classroom teacher for check in. Your teacher will check your Daily Symptom checklist. You must stay with your class once you arrive at school.
  • Wash your hands at the hand washing station or use hand sanitizer before entering the classroom.

Entering and Inside Classrooms:

  • Teachers will have protocols in place for entering and exiting classrooms. Social distancing to be maintained as you enter and exit classrooms and within classrooms. Student seats are all a minimum of 5 feet apart in all directions.
  •  You will be assigned to your own desk.
  • You will be asked to clean your desk area with baby wipes at the end of each class period.


  • Restrooms will have maximum capacities posted at the entrance. For example, if it says maximum capacity is 3, and you see three students in the restroom when you enter the doorway, you must exit and wait until someone comes out before you can enter.

Walking Pathways:

  • Follow traffic flow patterns established by the school.

Passing Period/Breaks:

  • You must remain the designated area that you are assigned to.
  • You must keep your mask on and social distance while outside.
    Snacking is allowed; you have to snack in the designated area, can lower your mask to eat but must remain isolated while your mask is down.


  • Your teacher will walk you to your assigned dismissal gate.

Additional Information:

  • Students will have the option of free Covid testing every two weeks. Dates will be announced in the PBMS Family Newsletter.
  • Failure to adhere to health & safety protocols may result in exclusion from on-site learning.   

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