First Day 8/30/2021

  • Walkers - enter carefully through the Felspar lot sidewalks
  • Rollers - you will be directed to walk bikes and skateboards to the racks
  • Carpool - drop off/pick-up at the Felpsar lot drop-off area (see drop-off info)
  • Schedules -students will find their last name and room number of first period on the bulletin boards outside the office. Report to first period. Parents, please do not panic about teaching your child their schedule. Teachers and staff will be on hand to help students find their classes. They learn quickly and have plenty of time to get from class to class, go to the restroom, eat lunch, etc.
  • Uniforms - Wear khaki tan, white, or navy blue (you'll be instructed in Physical Eduction when to bring your Physical Education uniform and lock)
  • Bring backpack, spiral notebook, pen and pencil (see supplies info below)
  • Bring lunch or buy lunch with cash or pin number (found on their student schedule). Our cafeteria is helpful and will make sure all students get the assistance they need. (see lunch)


Drop off
Where's the best place to drop-off students? Felspar St. parking lot - Designated Drop-Off area

Off of Felspar, there is a parking lot for our school. Parents are directed to pull into the parking lot and proceed to the student drop-off area. Please pull all the way up and around and have your child ready to exit the car quickly and safely. Diamond St. gate will be open for drop-off and pick-up. We REALLLLY appreciate families who walk and roll to school. It's great for student health and our environment.

We are on a budget, what should we buy to start school?

Before or first week: Physical education uniform (available from school office) and a masterlock combination lock (Physical educators will give students information)

For first day you can start simple.
-backpack (roller backpacks are great)
-spiral notebook
-pen and pencil

First week: Teachers will let students know specific materials that will be needed for assignments and class projects so you can purchase exactly what is needed, when it's needed. There's no need to go buy a bunch of supplies ahead of time.
There's no not to send your small child with a lot of extra supplies that can weigh too much for their growing backs.

If your family needs confidential assistance with any materials, uniform, or supplies, please contact us, we can help get you what you need. If your family has extra supplies, let us know, we could always use new items to help families in need.

What can I donate to help the school?

  • reams of white copy paper
  • wipes
  • hand-sanitizer
  • glue sticks
  • brightly colored white-board markers

Enroll/Apply - https://www.sandiegounified.org/enrollment (Please check the SDUSD website for the most updated information and deadlines for enrollment options)

If you are a resident of 92109 you have priority. If you are not, you must submit an application online to the San Diego Unified Enrollment and Options office. The district deadline to apply to our school for fall is set by the district and changes each year so please check the district enrollment guidelines or call our office for more information or specific questions about your family/child.

If we attend Barnard, CPJMS, PBE, or Sessions, do we need to apply to PB Middle? No. If you are currently enrolled and your information is the same, you will not have to apply to continue on to PB Middle. You do, however, need to turn-in your GATE/Seminar and/or Special Education documents to PB Middle office for scheduling purposes.

What if we live outside the SDUSD boundaries and we have an inter-district transfer to attend a 92109 elementary feeder school, how can we get into PB Middle for 6th grade? You will have to apply through the CHOICE application process and get another inter-district transfer. Please remember to check the annual deadline. SDUSD normally sends us names of students that are accepted in April or May, and there is no guarantee that all families will be accepted and offered a seat.

If we attend Barnard, CPJMA, PBE, or Sessions, through CHOICE or VEEP programs, do we need to fill out another application for PB Middle? If you live within the SDUSD boundaries, no, you do not need to fill out another application.

What if I'm moving my family to San Diego but don't yet know where we'll be living? Go ahead and apply online via Choice to the schools you are interested in, in the event you do not move into the attendance area. You do not have to be residents of San Diego Unified to apply. This year Sessions enrolled 80% of their first choice applicants, and PBE enrolled 97% of first choice, so there is a good chance you will get their choice. Additionally, when a family is new to the district they can also present themselves to the school they are interested in, and if there is space available, they can enroll. That typically occurs in the 2 weeks prior to school starting.

There is sibling priority for Choice for the same school of attendance, but not within the cluster. When this issue has presented itself and there is a hardship issue for the family, if there is space available and no other siblings are ahead on the wait lists, our office tries to accommodate these special requests.

What if I am an advanced musician? What are my options for music in 6th grade? In the sixth grade schedule, music class is held during 6th period, so it is a mixed group, including beginners. We are working on finding an option for more advanced students entering 6th grade. We thank you for your patience and for working with us to create a wonderful solution together.


Does PB Middle have lockers?
Yes, but only in physical and health education...

Except for math, students receive a set of textbooks in September that they keep at home. Each classroom has textbooks and one-to-one computing so students leave all but their math textbook at home. Students have a common online folder for all of their online work that can be accessed in all classrooms and at home. PB Middle has one-to-one computing with laptop computer, iPad or tablet available in all classes including Physical and Health Education so students do not bring computers, iPads or tablets to school.


Will I have enough time to get from class to class? I'm worried I'll be tardy. Yes, students find they have plenty of time to get from class to class and use the restroom between bells. Most classes are located just across the hall from one another so our four minute passing period is plenty of time.

What about lunch? How does lunch work at PB Middle? Do you have a cafeteria? During the first week of school sixth graders get to go to lunch early so they can familiarize themselves with how lunch works. After the first week, everyone goes to lunch together and has 38 minutes total to eat, socialize, play, and/or attend a club. Many students bring their lunch. If you want to buy lunch, we have five lunch lines to buy hot lunch entrees, fruit, salad bar, as well as well as a few grab and go carts for snacks, milk, or a la cart items. Your can load money in the system and use PIN number, or you can bring cash. Lunch applications must be completed every year to determine qualification. If your family qualifies, you can get free or reduced price lunch. We do not have a cafeteria building because the students eat in the lunch court, at tables, or out at the field. When finished students can go to the library, or just relax, and catch-up or play with friends. If it rains we open up buildings for students to eat comfortably inside.

What is available for my child to get involved in organized sports at PB Middle? Students can participate in lunch-league Intra-murals. The schedule changes depending on the season and the volunteers running the programs. Students can make their own team or join a team. Students follow a game schedule posted outside of the Physical and Health Education building. See Mr. PE teachers for specific schedules.

Lunch-league changes but normally includes: Flag-Football, Futsal, Soccer, and one additional league depending on interest and scheduling

Award-winning International Baccalaureate Programme for ALL students

CA IB Teachers of the Year

CA IB Spotlight School

CA Coach of the Year Award

Runner-up Teacher of the Year for San Diego Unified

Congresswomen Susan Davis - Outstanding Empowering Youth in Service Award

Pedagogical Framework:

Individuals, pairs, and teams learn through doing with a project-based framework of education balanced with traditional academics

IB Learner Profile

Criteria-based assessment using IB rubrics and a variety of authentic assessments

All students experience a balanced education

All students learn through integrated arts and design (pre-engineering) every year of the program

Music includes Band and Orchestra focus on knowledge and performance in additional teaching music as a performing art and additional language

Additional courses (skills classes for qualified students, Gateway to Technology, ASB, Yearbook/Video Production) round out student schedules and educational opportunities based on interest

IB required ongoing professional development

All teachers IB trained to Category 1, most trained to Category 3

Ongoing curriculum review to ensure we meet students' interests, profiles and challenge their abilities

Fully-staffed Counseling Department for individual counseling, guidance lessons, small groups for social, academic and military family needs

Language options are unparalleled compared to other middle-schools (Spanish, Mandarin, and Mandarin immersion options)

Award-winning service learning with Service-learning Advisor and IB Coordinator onsite

PTO combined with high-school offering a range of events and opportunities for parents, teachers, and students

Athletics program at lunch and after school - free of charge and paid options

What makes PB Middle different? We are one of two clusters offering the prestigious International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Program (MYP) to SDUSD students and families. As an authorized IB World School students can experience all eight MYP courses each year: arts, English, design, language acquisition (English, Mandarin and/or Spanish), math, physical and health education, science,. PB Middle is an international education in your own backyard. To learn more about the IB programs visit https://www.ibo.org/programmes/

What clubs do you normally offer?

Note: parent, staff and community sponsorships clubs can change each semester and every year depending on interest and involvement.

  • Builders Club (Key Club at middle-school level) meet to plan service events
  • Library Monitors
  • Chess Club (student run)
  • Lunch Computer Club (student-run)
  • Garden Club (as needed for garden events and maintenance)
  • Intra and Inter-mural sports at lunch and afterschool (GPA minimum required)

Sponsored by Parents (not a school-sponsored event) (changes each year depending on parents)

  • Surf Club
  • Cooking

Prime-time Afterschool Care
Do you have after school care?

Yes, Prime Time runs our free after school care program for students until 6pm. They offer tutoring, clubs, after school sports. Forms are available in the front-office for current enrollment anytime during the year. To check for enrollment opportunities please call the Prime-time office listed on the San Diego Unified School District site for more information


Which World Language courses offered at PB Middle?

  • Introduction to Spanish (IB Phase 1 level for beginners)
  • Spanish 1-2 (IB Phase 1-2 level)
  • Spanish 3-4 (IB Phase 2-4 level)
  • Spanish for Spanish Speakers (6th grade) (IB Phase 2-4 level)
  • Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1-2 (IB Phase 2-4 level)
  • Spanish for Spanish Speakers 3-4 (IB Phase 4-5)

Which immersion courses offered at PB Middle?

  • Introduction to Mandarin Chinese (6th grade) (IB Phase 1 level for beginners)
  • Mandarin 1-2 (IB Phase 1-2 level)
  • Mandarin 3-4 (IB Phase 2-4 level)

Mandarin Language Immersion for qualified immersion students:1 period of Mandarin Chinese Immersion Language and 1 period IB Individuals and Society with Integrated Arts every year of the program

NOTE: English is the language of instruction for all content areas except World Language and Mandarin Immersion courses

Academic Language Development and Language Skills Courses are also available to eligible students

What courses do you offer for GATE and Seminar students? (GATE Policy on "About Us" page "policies")
GATE Cluster is offered for English courses & Individuals and Society with integrated arts

Seminar classes are the following: Language and Literature (Seminar: English) & Individuals and Society with integrated Arts

What does it mean when someone says a middle school class earns "high-school credit"? We have courses that earn students credit toward their high-school graduation requirements. They are considered a high-school level course and meet A-G and U.C. requirements for graduation for students who earn a passing grade: Spanish 1-2; Spanish 3-4; Mandarin 1-2; Mandarin 3-4; Mandarin 5-6 IM; Mandarin 7-8 IM; Integrated 1 Mathematics

Can an IB student enrolled in IB Diploma Programme courses at the high-school earn college credit? Yes, many colleges throughout the country and the world have a policy for awarded credit to students who pass challenging IB Diploma courses. You can visit The University of California system now has a policy awarding up to 30 UC credits for the full IB Diploma. While a few students world-wide earn this prestigious internationally-recognized diploma, all students can enroll in one or more IB courses, many considered equivalent to a second year college course, and depending on the course and score, can be eligible college credit. Please contact the Mission Bay High School IB office for specific information or attend a Mission Bay High School or San Diego High School tour to learn more. Mission Bay High School IB Office | Room 185. Mission Bay High School. 2475 Grand Ave | San Diego, CA 92109 Phone: 858.273.1313 x285.

Which universities recognize the high-school level IB diploma program courses and the full IB Diploma offered at Mission Bay High and San Diego High School of International Studies? There is a list of universities and other tertiary institutes across the world that recognize the IB and their policies for doing so on the IBO website. There are more than 1,800 universities representing 75 countries currently in this directory, but many other universities also admit IB diploma holders. Each university usually has a contact e-mail of the person responsible for the IB recognition. Additionally, we maintain summary policies of universities in the US, Canada, and Australia. Please check with the university directly. Full details are available at http://www.ibo.org/recognition/ What electives are available to students?

NOTE: In other middle-schools, students compete to get into art and design courses and the time is typically divided with the electives, science and social studies courses. At Pacific Beach we integrate art and design courses ensuring meaningful connections enhance the Individuals and Society and Arts course, and IB Science and Design help students to apply their scientific learning in meaningful and relevant ways as they apply their skills by designing products and solutions in the same class. Since all students are guaranteed a full-year course in IB Science and Design as well as Individuals and Society (social studies, geography, history, civics) and Arts, not just a six week course, often offered at other middle-schools, this allows students to choose at least one additional elective class every year of the program. If they opt to take the extra 7th period, they can take an additional elective course.

Students can choose from the following electives:

6th Grade Electives

  • Introduction to Spanish (IB Phase 1 level)
  • Spanish for Spanish Speakers (6th grade) (IB Phase 2-4 level) (placement test required)
  • Introduction to Mandarin Chinese (IB Phase 1 level)
  • Mandarin Immersion (qualified students only)
  • Performing Arts: Music - Band
  • Performing Arts: Music - Orchestra

7th Grade Electives

  • *Spanish 1-2 (IB Phase 1-2 level)
  • *Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1-2 (IB Phase 2-4 level) (placement test required)
  • *Mandarin 1-2 (IB Phase 1-2 level)
  • *Mandarin 5-6 IM (IB Phase 2-4 level)
  • Performing Arts: Music - Intermediate Band
  • Performing Arts: Music - Advanced Concert Band (by invitation only)
  • Performing Arts: Music - Intermediate Orchestra
  • Performing Arts: Music - Advanced Orchestra (by invitation only)
  • Associated Student Body (Governance/School Council)
  • Video and Yearbook production

NOTE: Mandarin Chinese Immersion may have specific constraints to their schedule

8th Grade Electives

  • *Spanish 3-4 (IB Phase 2-4 level)
  • *Spanish for Spanish Speakers 3-4 (IB Phase 4-5)
  • *Mandarin 3-4 (IB Phase 1-2 level)
  • *Mandarin 7-8 (IB Phase 3-4 level)
  • Performing Arts: Music - Intermediate Band
  • Performing Arts: Music - Advanced Concert Band (by invitation only)
  • Performing Arts: Music - Intermediate Orchestra
  • Performing Arts: Music - Advanced Orchestra (by invitation only)
  • Associated Student Body (Governance/School Council)
  • Video and Yearbook production

NOTE: Mandarin Chinese Immersion may have specific constraints to their schedule

Does Spanish "count" in 6th grade?
6th grade language courses are a beginning exploration into the language and the culture and do not earn students "high-school credit". The Language 1-2 courses taught in 7th grade and the Language 3-4 courses taught in 8th grade meet every day and earn students high-school credits for a passing grade.

How do children choose an instrument? Self-select or w/ help from teacher
The children enrolled in 6th grade orchestra or band work with the teacher to decide on their instrument. Students can bring their own, rent from a local business or ask the teacher for help to find a free or low-priced option. If they already play an instrument, in 6th grade we often challenge them to learn a new instrument, then in 7th and 8th they have more instrumental options for the intermediate and advanced band or orchestra.

Is there a math placement test? YES
Students currently in SDUSD 5th grade classrooms will take a math placement test. The scores will be used to place students into the correct Common Core Mathematics class in the fall. Students NOT currently in SDUSD may need to take a math placement test at PB Middle.

How does a student enroll in GATE or Seminar classes?
For students already in SDUSD, they took a test in 2nd and 5th grades to determine if they qualify for the Gifted and Talented or Seminar classes.
These students can be enrolled GATE Cluster courses or Seminar courses which are:
1) Language and Literature (English)
2) Individuals and Society (humanities/social studies) and Arts
Many students come to PB Middle from private schools, charter schools and from outside of the country. A child who has not been "identified" as GATE or Seminar in their elementary setting, may be eligible for GATE Cluster or Seminar class placement based on a variety of measures. Please consult the GATE Policy found in the "About Us" section under "Policies" to learn more.

How does lunch work?
30 min w/ 4 min passing periods on either end = 38 min total
Students can bring or buy their lunch. Parents can load money into a child's PayPam account and the children can use their PIN number to buy items from the salad bar, hot lunch offerings, or windows near the school office. Children can also buy items from the "Grab and Go" cart with cash. Cart items can include burritos, milk, fruit, jerky, etc. All students have lunch at the same time so they can meet up with friends and eat, place sports, volunteer in the library, participate in clubs such as the student-led chess club, or meet with teachers who have volunteered their lunchtime to meet (normally when special projects have been assigned). The lunch time is supervised.

What online tools are used at the school?

o Parent Portal: for child's grades
Forms are sent home for parents to sign-up at the beginning of the year

o Teacher webpages: EdModo, Google for Teachers, Class Dojo, etc.

o PB Middle IB Library databases: students have access to high-quality online databases FREE of charge. Passwords are available at the Library.

§ World Book Encyclopedia & Enciclopedia Estudiantil

§ Brainpop (English and Spanish, and English Language Learner)

§ Teen Health and Wellness Resource Center

§ CultureGrams

o Online textbooks: Students are also directed to use course specific links to their online textbooks. Teachers also utilize a number of links that can be found on their webpages.

o My.sandi.net - Students can save their work on the district server so they can access and continue working on assignments and assessments using their log-in.

o Teachers give students related links and passwords at the beginning of the year

Conflict or Bullying
If my child is having problems with another child who do I talk to?

o In class?

§ Urge child to talk to the teacher. If the child is not comfortable talking to the teacher during the busy school day and the matter can wait until the next school day, he/she or the parent, can contact the teacher via email. If it is an urgent matter, the child or parent should talk to the teacher as soon as possible or go to speak with their counselor or administrator before school, during passing period, or after school. If it is an emergency, the child or parent should communicate with the front office as soon as possible.

o Outside of class?

§ If it is a discipline matter such as ongoing issue, physical or cyber-bullying, either in person or online it should be addressed immediately!

§ Contact our vice principal or principal as soon as possible.

o You can always contact your child's counselor via phone or email. See Staff Directory for updated contacts. Our trained Counselors can help brainstorm pro-active solutions or help mediate or find resources for any social, academic or physical concerns that a child might have.

o There is also anonymous bully reporting tool on the front page of our website, where students or parents can report any incidents or suspected incidents of bullying. Remember: if the incident needs immediate attention the child must report the problems to the counselors or the vice principal as soon as possible. Students may be asked to fill-out a witness statement that will prompt an investigation into the matter.

o We cannot help with a problem if it is not brought to our attention by either a student, teacher, or a parent. Please keep us informed and remember that we are here to help whether the problem may be large or small.

Physical and Health Education
(also see uniforms and lockers)
Do students have to shower in physical and health education? No
No. There are showers in the locker rooms but students change into their uniforms in the locker room and after their class, most use wet-wipes before changing back into their school clothes. 6th graders have their class at the end of the day so students go home right after their physical and health education class.


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