Language Acquisition (Mandarin and Spanish)

We are one of the first authorized International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme to offer Mandarin immersion and Spanish for Spanish Speakers courses.

The primary aim of International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP) Language Acquisition is to encourage students to gain competence in a modern language with the long-term goal of becoming multi-lingual.

It is our hope that students will be inspired and will develop the knowledge and skills to continue world language studies in high-school as they enter the challenging IB Diploma Programme in 11th and 12th grades.

Beginning in sixth grade children enroll in two courses taught in Mandarin: Mandarin language course and also a unique course focusing on history, civics, geography and integrated IB arts. This is a challenging program and will continue developing language skills, in addition to knowledge and understanding of the Chinese speaking cultures learned in previous grades/language phases. This immersion program is offered to students who have been successful in 5th grade Mandarin immersion class or enter at an equivalent Mandarin language level. Students who are successful in these courses should have the requisite skills, knowledge. and understanding to continue onto Advanced Placement as well as the two year IB Higher Level courses (some students, may opt for the one year, lower IB Standard Level cousework, depending on achievement in the pathway).

Spanish for Spanish Speakers course is another unique offering and PB Middle is the only school offering this course in 6th grade. This course is for students who have experience speaking and listening to Spanish but may not have had formal instruction in Spanish. Focus in this class will be to acquire reading and writing skills while continuing to use speaking and listening in the course. Immersion students from local immersion program are also enrolled in this class with native speakers. It is the aim of this course that students who are successful in this class will challenge themselve by enrolling in Advanced Placement which will then prepare them for the IB Higher Level Spanish course.

Pacific Beach Middle IB World Language Courses

Introduction to Spanish (6th grade)
*Introduction to Spanish for Spanish Speakers (6th grade)

Spanish 1-2 (high school credit)
*Spanish 1-2 for Spanish Speakers (high school credit)

*Spanish 3-4 (high school credit)
*Spanish 3-4 for Spanish Speakers (high school credit)

Beginning Mandarin (6th grade only)
Mandarin 1-2 ( high school credit)
*Mandarin 3-4 (high school credit)

*IB Middle Years Programme Mandarin Immersion (IM) (6th grade only) and *Social Studies grade 6 / Arts in Mandarin
*Mandarin 3-4 IM (7th grade high school credit) and*World History grade 7/ Arts in Mandarin
*Mandarin 5-6 IM (8th grade - high school credit) and *U.S. History grade 8 / Arts in Mandarin

*based on ability-level / prior learning / heritage language experience

Common Core State Standards
Common Core State Standards are designed for all students in California to become confident communicators with a wide range of skills necessary for success in college, career and in the community. Both Common Core (CC) for Language Arts and the National Standards for Learning Languages (NSLL) have common strands: reading; writing; speaking and listening; and language (grammar). In addition, language learning standards focus on four areas: cultures; connections; comparisons; communities. The strands and areas in both CC and NSLL already align with our International Baccalaureate objectives for Language Acquisition as IB was one of five frameworks that was used to craft the common core standards.

Learn more about the benefit of learning a world language from American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language

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