Project Tips for Success

TIPS - Communicate and Think to Guarantee Success!

You claim is that your chosen ISSUE or PROBLEM is important and needs to be solved. You've done many presentations. You've developed arguments and persuaded others. You've raised awareness about local and global issues. Now it's your turn to create a way to "sell" your project to others; to use your creative thinking skills to share and inspire others to take on your issue as their own.

Think of every time you talk to somone as a "pitch." Ask yourself: If I were stuck in an elevator with the richest woman in San Diego, how could I describe your project or issue and what would I need from this person to solve the problem?

Every time you have the opportunity to share about your issue or share your ideas for solving the problem as if you are going on "Shark Tank" or trying to convince a team of investors to invest in your issue/project.

  • As you communicate your project ideas or issue to anyone who will listen (peers, friends, teachers, advisory, and community members) ask for more ideas, feedback, or suggestions.
  • Listen to suggestions and make changes along the way. Think about it:
      • What questions do others have about my issue or project?
      • How can I refine my message?
      • What should I find out to be able to answer questions or address other people's counter-arguments?
      • What should I do to change my project to make it better or to solve the issue?
  • Present to advisory and create a presentation board to help explain your project to other students and community members at Open House/IB Student Showcase
  • Present to a community panel. Distinction Presentations (10 minutes each project) will be in May for teams wanting to earn special Distinction at Promotion and have the experience of sharing their project with a panel of community members, 6/7th graders, and staff

High-quality Community Projects Inspire Others! Think about it:

    • What makes my issue the most important issue in the room, school, city or world?
    • How can my project live on and keep helping others?
    • How can my project go beyond the "one and done" event?
    • What action could people take action or change their behavior to help solve this important issue?
    • How can this project become a "legacy" for our community to continue?
    • How can it be sustained in the future when you are in college?
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